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If you have a confirmed diagnosis with amino acid IEM and have been impacted financially by the coronavirus pandemic, and you can’t afford to purchase low- protein food supplies for reasons beyond your control, do not panic!

We believe that together, we stand a better chance of confronting and minimizing the toll the COVID-19 crisis will take on our society. So Nutricia Metabolics is stepping up to share the responsibility with our families and the metabolic disorders community in Australia by offering a FREE “Nutricia Loprofin quarantine box” to those metabolic patients who have been financially impacted by this crisis.

The box is designed to support individuals and families affected by metabolic disorders to endure these unprecedented times by:

  • Getting control over your PKU or other IEM disorders.
  • getting back on track. Use the increased time you’re spending at home to follow your low- protein diet and restore good dietary habits.

To claim your free box:

  1. Complete the form and email it to your dietitian before 15 May 2020
  2. Your dietitian confirms that you a have been diagnosed with IEM and forwards your claim to Nutricia
  3. Receive your “Nutricia Loprofin quarantine box” within 7 days of your dietitian submitting your claim to Nutricia (subject to availability and stock levels)
  4. Personal information will be handled in line with Nutricia Privacy Policy. Please read Nutricia’s privacy policy before submitting your claim.



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