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PKU Anamix Infant

An amino acid based, Phe-free powdered infant formula for the dietary management of phenylketonuria from birth to 12 months and as a supplementary feed up to 3 years of age.

A Food for Special Medical Purposes. Only to be used under strict medical supervision.

Download the PKU Anamix Infant Fact Sheet


Your dietitian will advise you of the amount required daily.

To prepare:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly and clean preparation area. Sterilise bottle feeding system.
  2. Boil water for 5 minutes and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes so that it feels warm to the wrist. Pour the required amount of water into a sterilised feeding bottle.
  3. Fill the scoop provided with PKU Anamix Infant and level off with a clean dry knife. Do not press the powder into the scoop. Only use the scoop provided.
  4. Add the prescribed number of scoops of PKU Anamix Infant to the water. Replace cap on the bottle and shake until powder is dissolved. Before feeding ensure that the formula is at the correct temperature by placing a few drops on the wrist.
  5. Formula remaining in the bottle after one hour of feeding should be discarded. Formula must not be rewarmed during feeding.

Important notice: Powdered infant formula is not sterile. Infant formula should be prepared immediately prior to feeding.

Note:  Professional advice should be followed before using PKU Anamix Infant. PKU Anamix Infant must be consumed in conjunction with a whole protein source (e.g. breast milk or standard infant formula) in quantities prescribed by a dietitian or doctor to meet complete protein requirements and ensure normal growth.

  • Store unopened can at room temperature
  • Do not store at extreme temperatures
  • Once opened, reseal can and store in a cool, dry place (not in refrigerator) and use within two weeks

  • Contains Phe-free protein, carbohydrate, fat, essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Contains omega 3 fats (DHA*) omega 6 fats (AA^) and prebiotics supporting healthy growth and development
  • 13g of protein equivalent per 100g of powder
  • Easy to mix

* Contains 7mg of Docosahexanoic acid (DHA) per 100g
^ Contains 14mg of Arachadonic acid (AA) per 100g

  • Phenylketonuria
  • Must only be consumed by infants with proven phenylketonuria while under strict medical supervision
  • Not suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition
  • Not for parenteral use

If you would like more information about Anamix Infant please speak to your dietitian.