Get great taste on the go

Introducing new GMPro LQ – you can drink it on the go, blend in a smoothie or splash on cereal. It’s all about feeding your possible to get on with living how you want.

  • Contains GMP – a naturally occurring, low-Phe* protein substitute
  • Enriched with DHA and EPA† – essential omega-3 fatty acids often missing from PKU diets
  • May help you feel full for longer
  • Suitable for everyone over 3 years

*10 g PE/18 mg Phe per 250 ml serving

60 mg DHA and 15 mg EPA per 250 ml serving

Speak to your dietician to receive your free sample pack.

GMPro Order Form

To order GMPro LQ, have your prescription from your dietician ready and simply fill in the form below. Once you have submitted your form, you will be contacted by Nutricia at Home Pharmacy Customer Service within one or two working days to place your order. Expected delivery will be advised when the order is taken. We provide a free home delivery service.

For any queries, please contact Nutricia at Home Customer Service on 1800 884 367.