About Us

About Nutricia

Nutricia, part of the Danone group, specialises in the delivery of advanced medical nutrition for the dietary management of disease and disease-related malnutrition. We supply high quality feeds, systems and support services to healthcare professionals and the general public.

Nutricia has been a pioneer of Advanced Medical Nutrition globally, and is rapidly expanding its services for patients across the world. At Nutricia, we have developed a broad and unique portfolio of products for many classes of patients, and we seek to provide solutions and services wherever nutritional intervention can be shown to improve clinical outcomes. In partnership with doctors, healthcare professionals and caregivers, we work to make a real difference in people’s lives by aiding recovery and encouraging independence.

Nutricia’s Commitment to Inherited Metabolic Disease

We strive to provide our customers and their families with the best quality of products and services available for the best clinical outcome and quality of life for people with Inherited Metabolic Disease (IMD).

Nutricia provides a core portfolio of products for the dietary management of inborn errors of metabolism and epilepsy.  These products support the greatest number of patients worldwide across the widest variety of IMDs including errors in:

  • Amino acid metabolism e.g. Phenylketonuria, Maple Syrup Urine Disease
  • Carbohydrate metabolism e.g. Galactosaemia
  • Fatty acid metabolism e.g. VLCAD and many more

Nutricia also provide a wide range of low protein foods to support people with amino acid based IMDs.